In My Million-Dollar Dream, I Did Something Unique.

I had a million-dollar dream and what I did was something unusual.

Dreams are casual happening with us, but if you dream about becoming a millionaire and doing some craziest & weird ever, it becomes a lasting memory.

I get dreams in my sleep now and then, but I forget most of my dreams once I wake up. But, one crazy dream a few nights back kept on lingering on my mind, and I wondered why I could not forget about it?

My Million Dollar Dream

I wondered why I forgot most of the dreams that came during sleep. I couldn’t find the best answer for forgetting most of the dreams which came during sleep, but I found a few dreams I couldn’t forget no matter what I did.

I concluded on dreams that I forgot and started concentrating on evaluating the dreams I remember.

Why am I concerned about dreaming? Am I looking into some third-world imagination?

Not really, because one dream a few nights back made me wonder if it will come true soon.

I have many good memories of dreams that came during sleep, but if you become a millionaire, something certainly sparks your soul, even if it’s in your dreams during sleep.

God woke me one night and asked me to get his blessings.

God woke me one night and asked me to get his blessings.

I jumped out of my bed, bowed down to God, and asked for forgiveness for my sins.

God told me, “You haven’t committed any sins. Why are you asking for forgiveness?”

I said, “It’s taught and bolstered on us since childhood to ask forgiveness to God for your sins in your prayers.”

God smiled and replied, “We will talk about sins and forgiveness some other time because it requires conversation; today, I am here to bless you.”

I replied and tried to imitate God with the same smile, “ Ok! If you say so. I am asking you to make me a millionaire. Can you do that for me? I heard you have uncountable wealth and won’t ask to return as bankers do.”

God replied with a laugh, “ No! I won’t, but I have few conditions to fulfill your wishes and bless you.”

“What are those conditions?” I asked anxiously.

I was curious and acted like God’s only child because I wanted to look smart in front of him. But, I kept my joy below the surface because I never wanted to show excitement about getting million dollars from God and with a promise not to return it.

I realized on that night that the idea of not returning money has far more impact than getting a billion-dollar cheque from someone.

If God confirms, it means I made an impact. Maybe God fell in love with me.
I left my thought wondering about my impact on God and looked at ways to get million dollars quickly from God like a human tendency.

God asked me to follow the rules he decided to receive a million dollars from him.

I agreed & moved my head up-down.

God asked me, “What are your dreams with these million dollars I give you?”

I said, “ I want to spend these million dollars to live my dream and make it a reality.”

“ My condition is to spend the whole amount on your desires and do not keep a single penny unspent,” said God. “If you complete my condition within the next 30 days, I will give back million dollars again, which you have spent in those 30 days.”

I agreed and confirmed to complete the condition in the next 30 days. God told me to meet him again after 30 days and see the results. I said I would wait here for you, and God agreed & disappeared.

I took the big size jute bags packed with the dollars and safely kept the bags in the locker.

Once I thought about counting it, I felt greedy, so I left the idea because it was about million dollars and not about trusting God.

I thanked God for showering his blessings on me and started thinking about fulfilling his conditions to please him within the next 30 days.

My Dreams are Reality Now

I realized my dreams are a reality now. If I can spend the whole billion dollars in the next 30 days on my desired dreams, I will not have to return anything & become truly a billionaire(Which I already became but for fulfilling the condition).

God has never asked about my dreams and desires while handing over the bag of a million dollars, but I decided to pursue the requirements honestly.

I started to explore ways to achieve those requirements without wasting any additional time & started fulfilling each one as follows:

#1. My first wish is — Meet Warren Buffet and ask for investment requirements in his business.

I wish to meet Mr. Warren Buffet and discuss how to increase wealth because the money I earned is from Lord Shri Krishna’s blessings, and I want to give him the best financial returns.

Once agreed upon, I will invest 10% of my savings and not from the million dollars I received from God into suggested funds or stocks.

#2. My second wish is — Meet Bill Gates and discuss implementing technology on Mars before human settlement.

I see a future human colony on Mars, and making a human colony’s first requirement is to implement robust technology without hampering the environment for an extended period.

I am ready to donate my part and spend 10% out of the million dollars I received from God.

#3. My third wish is — Meet Elon Musk and ask what help does he needs to start the production of flying cars?

Once we settle on Mars, we need flying cars to travel in and out into space. I don’t know where heaven is, but if ever I see the road to heaven, I wish to travel to and from in my flying car.

I will donate 10% out of my million dollars and ask others to invest in the same project for their part.

#4. My fourth wish is — Meet the Nasa head and discuss ways to implement and invest in technology so that more space exploration can take place.

I wish I would travel in space one day to explore the vast unknown facts about space. Space exploration needs a good investment, and space exploration is a never-ending research project.

I wish to meet the Nasa chief and discuss the funding requirements for the same reason. I will offer 10% out of my million dollars.

#5. My fifth wish is — Meet the ISRO chief and discuss alternatives to fuel so we can travel in space without worrying about energy.

I think ISRO has the potential to make it significant and impactful, but for space exploration, fuel is an essential requirement. If we want to travel and cover the distance in space, we need oil. If we can find an alternative fuel, we can achieve our goal of space exploration.

I wish to donate 10% of my million dollars to a project researching alternative fuels.

#6. My sixth wish is — Meet government officials and discuss ways to restore old Indian heritages.

I want to donate 10% out of my million dollars to the restoration of heritage sites. Many heritage places all over the globe require restoration work. But, I am concentrating on India for the moment because many heritage places are unknown and need immediate attention.

#7. My seventh wish is — Perform 100 Moon yajna so that my “Guru Shri Vallabh Acharya” take birth to bless us.

I took birth because my Guru Shri Vallabh Acharya blessed me. Somewhere, I know deep inside my heart, and my mind confirms it.

I get emotional when it comes to the teachings of Guru Shri Vallabh Acharya and his efforts toward letting us know who we are & our duties.

I wish to donate 10% of my million dollars to perform moon yajna. I know a person needs to be knowledgeable to perform moon yajna, and I am ready for donation.

#8. My eighth wish is that I wish to travel and visit Indian Temples for fifteen days, which have importance and holds history.

I wish to visit holy Indian pilgrimage temples to get the blessings of God and Goddesses. Through many years of reading sacred books, I learned that most of the texts suggest visiting holy places in your life to get the blessings of all the Gods and Goddesses if you can.

I want to spend 10% of my million dollars visiting holy places in India.

#9. My ninth wish is — Listen to “Bhagwat Katha” for Moksha.

Families perform “Bhagwat Katha” after their loved one passes away, but I learned through reading “Bhagwat Katha” to listen it while you are alive. Even if someone disagrees, listening to “Bhagwat Katha” for oneself is my personal opinion.

I wish to spend 10% of my million dollars and ask a saint to perform it.

#10. My tenth wish is — Get the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna & Goddess Shri Radha.

My name is Sanket, and a famous forest between Nandgoan and Barsana in Braj is also called Sanket forest. Sanket forest is famous because Radha & Krishna used to meet in the Sanket forest.

I want to spend 20% of my million dollars to make Sanket forest the best place by developing a forest so Radha & Krishna can meet there again without getting disturbed.

I also wish to arrange a big celebration one day and invite all Radha & Krishna’s friends to the Sanket forest.

I divided my million-dollar dreams into ten separate wishes.

I spent equally on my ten wishes and completed them in 30 days.
I waited on the last day of the month for God to arrive and bless me again.

God appeared again

God appeared again as I thought he would and blessed me.

God showered his blessings and told me, “You have not only fulfilled your wishes but impressed me with your intelligence.”

He also added, “ I am appointing you my treasurer today because I know you are a wise and witty person.”

I didn’t have words to reply as I was overwhelmed with joy.

But I managed to gather courage and replied, “ How can I thank you? O! Lord, for the blessings you showered all through the years & before this birth as well. Today, I take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for my family and me. I wish you all the happiness and joy forever.”

Before listening any more, I woke up and felt my dream fulfilled.

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