How to Convert Visitors into Your Regular Customer With These Best Practices?

Sometimes passer-by comes into your store to take a look, and if you approach them with the correct response, they can turn into your long-term customers.

I have run a gift store for the last twenty-six years, and I experienced that passer-by becomes your regular customer if you approach them with a smiling face and a sense of humor.

When I started a gift store, I thought people would come into my store and buy as per their needs. I have to take care of displaying products well and nothing else. But, I realized that if I suggest a product to a visitor, it turns out into sales.

I sell Gifts, Souvenirs, Wall Frames, Wall Clocks, Perfumes, Wallets, Belts, Hand Bags, Clutches, Sling Bags, Wrist Watches, Show Pieces, Statues, Greetings, and Customized Products in my store.

It feels selling so many products requires a good amount of attention to detail. I found it more convenient now to keep so many products than before. I got experience working with so many customers and visitors over the years.

Visitors can be your primary source to get sales.

Visitors can be your primary source to get sales.

I follow a different approach to different visitors. I made a list of those approaches I use every time a visitor comes into my store.

  • I greet them with a hello initially.
  • If the reply sounds positive, I ask which types of gifts or souvenirs are you looking for and for whom?
  • If a visitor says that I am just looking around, I allow seeing on their own. If they look at any products, I start from there and show them as many products as possible.
  • Initial conversation involves sharing information about products I keep and not from a sales perspective.
  • If a visitor likes any of the shown products, I pitch for sales.
  • I make about 10% of average sales from visitors with this approach.
  • 10% becomes a customer after a few days or months if they like my approach and the product I sell.
SWAT — Sell What Is Available Today. I follow these steps for sales.

SWAT — Sell What Is Available Today. I follow these steps for sales.

I follow different customer service approaches for regular customers.

  • After initial greetings, I ask about their requirements directly without wasting further time.
  • Once I come to know their needs, I make suggestions.
  • I offer complimentary gift wrap to my regular customers.
  • Once the order process gets over, I ask for more additions or needs.
  • I take orders on the phone, and 20% of sales come directly.
  • Sometimes, I offer 2% to 5% discount to my regular customers to keep them happy.
  • I follow not to go over pushy for sales, and after a long time, I learned that you could lose so much of your business if you push too much for sales.
  • Customer likes to buy what you have, so I suggest what is available today in my store, instead of what may come after a few days.

Many don’t like suggestions for the product, but I found out that people do like advice when making a choice.

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